The Kyocera Unimerco TestCenter gives you the chance to test new technologies within machining and cutting tools – before you invest.


Small and big improvements

The centre gives you the chance to prepare new production methods – from small adjustments of individual machining sequences to optimization of complete production processes.


We quickly analyze the effect of existing tools as well as newly developed customized tools from our tool design department.


Optimization and analysis

The fact that the TestCenter is located directly in our production area means that, during the whole test cycle, we can adjust the geometry of your tools, until they perform optimally.


Comprehensive data collection provides the basis for a thorough analysis. The results of the analysis are collected and presented to you in a report dealing with all relevant test aspects.



The analysis is supported by both audio and video documentation, since the complete test cycle is recorded with our high definition AV equipment. Naturally, you will get a DVD showing the whole process to go with the analysis report.



In the Kyocera Unimerco TestCenter, we can document all important cutting parameters:

  • Workpiece quality
  • Cutting force, tool wear, surface roughness, geometry/form tolerances and hardness
  • Vibration and frequencies
  • Volume and spread pattern in connection with MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubrication)