One year since the foundation of Kyocera Fineceramics Solutions GmbH

In the autumn of 2019, Friatec GmbH was taken over by the fine ceramics manufacturer Kyocera – since then the company has continued its success story.

Kyoto/Mannheim. A year ago, the Japanese company Kyocera took over the high-performance ceramics division of Mannheim-based Friatec GmbH. The primary aim was to satisfy the increased demand for fine ceramic components for industrial machines in Europe. Today the newly founded subsidiary Kyocera Fineceramics Solutions GmbH (KFSG) is not only celebrating its first anniversary, but also a further success.

Fine ceramics in space

An absolute highlight for the company has been the opportunity to support the ISS: KFSG supplies ceramic tubes for oxygen measurement as an extension to the Electromagnetic Levitator on board the International Space Station. The tubes are made of DEGUSSIT FZY, a special material that permits precise oxygen measurement even at high temperatures due to its ionic conductivity.

Kyocera’s DEGUSSIT oxide ceramics are known for their high-quality components and first-class machining. Moreover, they are corrosion-resistant and usable even at extremely high temperatures. Whether exposed to heat or high voltages, DEGUSSIT is very dimensionally stable and durable. This ensures process safety, increases service life and improves product functionality even under extreme conditions.

Online shop for fine ceramics

Following the successful launch of its German online shop in August, KFSG intends to extend the shop’s delivery area to other EU countries with immediate effect. All standards for high-temperature applications and electrical engineering andlaboratory technology – whether they relate to proven fine ceramic brands such as DEGUSSIT and FRIDURIT or other products manufactured by the Mannheim-based company – will be published in the new online shop. The aim is to provide customers with quick and easy access to information and enable them to order popular products directly.

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About Kyocera
Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, Kyocera Corporation is one of the world's leading manufacturers of fine ceramic components for the technology industry. The strategically important divisions in the Kyocera Group, which is comprised of 298 subsidiaries (as of March 31, 2020), are information and communications technologies, products which increase quality of life, and environmentally friendly products. The technology group is also one of the most experienced producers of smart energy systems worldwide, with more than 40 years of know-how in the industry.


The company is ranked #549 on Forbes magazine’s 2020 “Global 2000” listing of the world’s largest publicly traded companies. With a global workforce of over 75,500 employees, Kyocera posted sales revenue of approximately €13,33 billion in fiscal year 2019/2020. The products marketed by the company in Europe include printers, digital copying systems, semiconductor-, fine ceramic-, automotive- and electronic components as well as printing devices and ceramic kitchen products. The Kyocera Group has two independent companies in the United Kingdom: Kyocera Fineceramics Ltd. and Kyocera Document Solutions.


The company also takes an active interest in cultural affairs. The Kyoto Prize, a prominent international award, is presented each year by the Inamori Foundation — established by Kyocera founder Dr. Kazuo Inamori — to individuals worldwide who have contributed significantly to the scientific, cultural, and spiritual betterment of humankind (converted at approximately €828,000 per prize category).


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