About Kyocera Unimerco

In the main, we are concerned with three product areas:

  • cutting tools
  • measuring tools
  • tools for fastening


All three areas are characterized by quality products which, along with our advice and guidance, can optimize production for our customers and thus reduce their costs.


Within all three main product groups we offer total concepts based on extensive knowledge and competencies.


As a problem solver and provider of total solutions, our overall knowledge and experience benefit our customers.


Our systematic working methods help to ensure that our customers enjoy the best possible production conditions.


The advice and guidance often involve several parts of the production process, such as choice of tools, process order and optimization of machining parameters, including cutting speed, pressure and feed rate.


Currently, Kyocera Unimerco has approx. 700 employees in Europe and the United States. The company was established in 1964 under the name of Unimerco. 


In 2011, it became a 100% affiliate of Kyocera Corporation with approx. 70,000 employees, of whom approx. 3,800 work in the Cutting Tools division.


In 2013, Kyocera Unimerco became the European headquarters for the whole Kyocera Cutting Tools operation.