Systematic optimization of production


Good cooperation has more than one winner. We see our customers as partners because efficient and profitable production at our customers is the best foundation for our own long-term success.

A different supplier

As a supplier, our principal job is to improve your competitiveness. We analyze and optimize your key processes so that, together, we can make sure that your production is as effective as possible.


We offer advice and guidance on machine and tool investments, as well as on running in new products.

Optimization models

Optimizing a process requires extensive knowhow. In-depth knowledge of workpiece material, machinery and tools is essential in order to select the right solution and the optimum machining parameters.

Our optimization experts apply a number of technical and financial analysis tools to find the optimum solution for any given situation. The models are also used to fully document the effect of the improvements that have been made. Good documentation provides the best basis of the future optimization work and any future investments in machinery.

The results

Even small changes may often provide significant increases in productivity and quality improvements. At the same time, the improvements release production capacity. This means that planned machine investments can often be postponed or even avoided. Considering the cost structure in a typical woodworking or metalworking company, this is often decisive for the unit costs.


However, best of all, production capacity can be raised, in order to sell more at competitive prices and at higher profit margins.


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