Tips for correct use of toolholders

Kyocera Unimercos most important task is to convey the latest technology that enables our customers to produce efficiently and remain competitive. This means that we continuously focus on developing optimised tooling solutions and holding system.


Regarding both choice and maintenance of holding tools, this is probably the most important issue you must be aware of; If the holding system does not work properly, the complete tooling solution will never work optimal. 


In general Kyocera Unimerco offers Collet chucks, Hydro and Tribos systems for shank type tools, and LEUCO S-system, conventional Coupling bushes and Hydro Coupling bushes for tools with bore.


UM Tribos holder UM hydro holder UM HP collet chuck

 Choice of toolholder is important for the entire tooling solution.  


Considering the impact toolholders have on wear on motor ball bearings, tool lifetime, noise level and thus working enviroment etc; tool holding systems are often underestimated. 


Please read the below user guide carefully before you start using the tool. 


Click here to find the correct user guides for toolholders 


Do not hesitate to contact Kyocera Unimercos experienced technicians to discuss the right choice of toolholder.