Tips for correct use of shank type tools

Kyocera Unimerco has been a part of the international woodworking industry for decades, also in relation to market trends for shank type tools for CNC-centers.


Profiling tools

Only because of its performance, the UMP-profiler is known all over the world. The UMP-profiler is probably the best-known Uni-profiler – which means that any profile can be realized inside a defined area because of its excellent performance.


UMP-profiler is designed with focus on optimised rpm, and the


No excentricity 

Tips for shank type tools - profiling tools



Big excentricity 

Tips for shank type tools - profiling tools




The 'Z1-theory' means that since we are working with very small average chip thickness, tolerances in setup of profiling tool will always be bigger, thus only one tooth will make the surface of the material.

Therefore, it is essential to have the tooth that creates the surface in intervention with the material as often as possible, which means that the higher rpm, the better surface.


Straight tools

Since diameter of straight shank type tools used for sizing or splitting materials, diameters are reduced to a minimum in order to save material, we are often working with a cutting speed below 20 meters per second. Since cutting speed should be around 60 - 80 meters per second we must be aware of several other circumstances.


To get the optimum result it is important to use: 

  • Highest possible rpm
  • Correct number of inserts
  • Optimised axial angle


Axial angle is important, since it influence direction of cutting pressure, chip pressure and thus is very important in relation to cutting ability.  




Whether it comes to straight shank type tools or shank type tools for profiling, you must be aware of a lot of different circumstances.


New quality dimensions and application possibilities

LEUCO is the first tool manufacturer to realize tools with shear angles ≥ 55°. We call these tools LEUCO p-System. The process is called Peeling and the tool is patented.


View the video below to see the tool in action 



Kyocera Unimercos experienced technicians are handling these challenges every day, and we are here to recommend the optimal solution for you, so don’t hesitate to contact us.