Tips for correct use of hoggers

Kyocera Unimercos hogging units are characterized by quiet running at high speed and low power consumption with an excellent cutting quality.


To reach best possible result, you have to take a lot of circumstances into consideration.


1. Find the correct type of hogger

First of all, the correct type of hogger must be chosen for the certain application. Click the image besol to see which hogger is optimal for your application. 


Please click the image below to enlarge.  


 Tabel 1: Find the right type of hogger based on workpiece material


2. Mounting on the machine

When hogger type has been chosen, next step is mounting on the machine. This must be done according to below schemes 



UM DP Compact hogger



UM DP compact hogger/ scoring blades




UM Radius hogger




UM First DP hogger


Kyocera Unimerco have serviced the international panel-furniture market with DP-hoggers for decades, so please do note hesitate to contact us with your questions.