Tips for correct use of cutters with bore

To achieve best possible result, it is important to choose the correct solution. Since cutters with bore covers a lot of different tool types it is difficult to come up with specific recommendations, but it is possible to use some very simple and helpful tips.


You must specify the following:

  • Cutting speed (V)
  • Tooling diameter (d)
  • Revelations per minute (rpm) 


Material Cutting speed
(cutting diameter)
Optimal way
of cutting
Pine, length 65 - 85 Climbcut
Pine, end 75 - 85 Powercut
Beech, oak, birch, length 65 - 85 Climbcut
Beech, oak, birch, end 70 - 85 Powercut
MDF, chipboard 60 - 80 Powercut
Tenoning; window tooling  60 - 80   Powercut 



Controlling above data in below calculations you will be able to get an idea of required tooling diameter, revelations per minute and cutting speed for needed tool with bore.



Cutting speed

V = d x 3,14 x n / 1000 x 60


Tooling diameter

d = V x 60 x 1000 / n x 3,14


Revelations per minute

n = V x 60 x 1000 / d x 3,14



To reach best possible finish, a lot of circumstances must be considered, and it can be a challenge to be aware of all these circumstances.


Our sales technicians are experienced and will always be ready to give you valuable inputs and help you to achieve best possible result.