Tips for correct use of band saws

The sawing technology has improved greatly and improved band saw blades help to keep manufacturing costs under control.


Years ago, it was common to use the Chrome Vanadium band saws in the international woodworking industry, but the market has changed a lot.  


Today there is a demand for longer life time, decreased down time and continuous cutting quality and therefore hardened tooth tip and HS tipped Bi-metal are the most common.




Technical tips for correct use of band saws: 

  • Control of band speed is important to reach longer lifetime. Excessive band speed for the machined type of material, generates a high tooth tip temperature resulting in acceleration.
  • Low feed rate causes teeth to rub instead of penetrating, and you will experience a decreased lifetime.
  • Wheel flanges must be maintained and clean for correct tracking.
  • Blade must be perpendicular to machined material.
  • Band tension must be correct according to machine authorizing and material.
  • Material being cut must be held securely.


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