Optimized sizing process

New sizing technology with BK DP jointing cutters

With its specially developed geometry, BK sizing and jointing cutters ensure the best possible edge quality, thus reducing the number of scrapped items, says Egon Vingtoft, sales manager in Kyocera Unimerco.

‘The unique geometries of the BK tool completely change the way we look at tools. The special geometries along with the diamond quality result in exquisite chip-free cutting quality with no surface chipping. We have not seen such results with similar tools, not even when milling against feed across the grain’, says Egon Vingtoft.

BK is used for jointing, rebating, profile cutting and sizing on stationary as well as double end tenoners and other throughput machines.

Particularly manufacturers of board furniture in Denmark, but also manufacturers of solid wood and joiners benefit a lot from the BK. According to Kyocera Unimerco, the tool is used by all kinds of manufacturers of board furniture and solid wood components with strong focus on quality as well as unit costs.


BK sizing and jointing cutters

The Kyocera Unimerco BK DP jointing cutter offers a new formatting method, which reduces post-processing as well as production costs.


Even in solid wood, great improvement is seen in cutting quality as well as tool life compared to other milling methods. Kyocera Unimerco experiences that customers who used to post-process the final cut can now omit this process.

‘For tasks in solid wood, where previously a lot of time was spent replacing solid carbide tools, our customers are now seeing significant improvements in tool life, while achieving uniformly high cutting quality. Thus, they achieve the lowest possible unit costs’, says Egon Vingtoft.

Furthermore, when the BK is combined with the hogging tooling traditionally used in the board furniture industry, Kyocera Unimerco’s customers reduce the number of scrapped items. Especially if the workpieces have very delicate and difficult-to-machine surfaces, great savings can be achieved when end-milling with the BK.

A wide standard range of BK cutters is available for the machines most commonly used in the woodworking industry. The cutters are supplied with the exact number of teeth suited for the feed rate of the individual machine.


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