Root Form

Brazed and solid carbide tooling solutions for rough and finish machining

For machining the root form on the turbine blade, which may for example have a ‘fir tree’ profile, Kyocera Unimerco offers profile cutters made of solid carbide, as well as carbide-brazed profile cutters.

Your best choice of milling cutter depends on your specific task as well as the profile shape.

Our tool designs ensure optimum performance and maximum number of regrinds.

Cutter root form profile measuring reports can be provided.
Root forms toolsWhen machining root forms, the profile tolerance must be very narrow. That is why every tool is accompanied by a measuring report documenting the profile accuracy.


  • Power Edge™
  • New nano composite coating
  • Newly developed geometry
  • New and improved carbide grade

Giving you ...

  • Superior tool life
  • Uniform component quality
  • Progressive feed rate
  • Minimized cost per cutRoot forms tools


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