UM DANDIA™ adjustable Tool Holder

Absolute accuracy in a few minutes

The adjustable tool holder UM DANDIA ™ is an optimal solution, which ensures a very high accuracy and a high clamping force. Balanced to 18,000 rpm / G 2.5. The holder provides an efficient and user-friendly method for setting high-precision tools.



Process-ready solution

The adjustable tool holder UM DANDIA ™ is a part of the Kyocera tool concept, which is referred to as "ready to use" by many of our customers. This means that the complete tool with holder is inserted directly from the packaging into the machine spindle and then you can start machining correct components immediately.


Kyocera supplies the assembled complete tool with the specified tool length and a concentricity within 0.002 mm.


Two steps for the radial adjustment

The ability to adjust concentricity in two steps is particularly important when using long cutting tools with more than one step. The tool holder allows adjustment of the tool in the presetting device or directly in the spindle.


As a result, extremely tight bore tolerances and thus high process reliability can be ensured and the holder has a very high repeatability after a tool change.


Finding the right solution

The selection of the right tool holder is mainly determined by the machining method. The different methods make very different demands on the tool holder.


The importance of selecting the appropriate tool holder depending on the particular machining situation is therefore very important. We will of course help you to choose the optimal tooling solution for any machining by making a detailed analysis considering the machine, the clamping, the cutting tools, the component material and the planned process.


UM DANDIA™ Adjustable Tool Holder


Your advantages

The adjustable bracket requires only a minimum of handling and provides a solid solution with high accuracy. It is particularly suitable for long PCD tools that must meet high tolerance requirements. The holder can be adjusted in a few minutes and then has a concentricity of 0.002 mm.


This high concentricity increases the tool life and ensures a secure machining process in the long term. It also reduces the costs per component directly! The holders are available for wet and in all MQL versions.


When choosing the optimal solution for your needs, our application engineers look forward to advising you.


Call our consultants, who will advise you on choosing the best solution for the task. Call us on +45 97 14 14 11.

UM DANDIA™ Adjustable Tool Holder

UM DANDIA™ Adjustable Tool Holder