RE•NEW – anything else is just a regrind



Our tool maintenance concept is much more than just regrinding. That is why we call it RE•NEW.

Tools given the name RE•NEW will perform equal to or better than a new tool – with performance guarantee.

It is easy

All you have to do is pack up your tools and ship them to us at your convenience, by post or by carrier. When the tools have been through the RE•NEW™ process, we will pack them in our special packaging and ship them back to you.

It is customized to fit your needs

Your tools will normally undergo the standard RE•NEW and be coated, if ordered. Any special requirements for one-off jobs or fixed special agreements for certain tool types will be managed through our computer system to ensure that your orders are always processed correctly.

Kyocera Unimerco offers a fully integrated system for tool management and handling. The system ensures that the operator is always equipped with the optimum and most affordable tool for the job – be it a new or a RE•NEW tool.

The vending systems can be programmed to dispense RE•NEW tools prior to dispensing any new tooling which may be present. Therefore, the operator will always be issued with a tool which will perform as well as a new tool, but at a fraction of the cost.


It is safe

We have standardized the RE•NEW and re-coating processes. Advanced CNC machines, highly trained operators, ISO9000 management, databases and integrated routines all work together to ensure that your tools are RE•NEW’ed optimally – every time.

It reduces your costs

You will save up to 75% of your tooling costs. When you receive your tools from us, their quality and performance properties will be the same – each time. This enables you to continue working at the same high machining parameters, and therefore, you will not experience any productivity reductions.

Professional advice included

We are always prepared to help and guide you with your tool maintenance. Please call your nearest Kyocera Unimerco service centre to take advantage of our RE•NEW service.