Coating for durability

Coating can prolong tool life and reduce scrapping in your production. The high-tech equipment in our in-house coating centres gives you maximum quality.


We offer TiN (C1), TiAlN (C3), CrN (C5), Nano (C7 PLUS™) and AlTiCrN (C8) coatings from our manufacturing sites in Denmark, UK and US.

It is essential to your productivity that your coated tools are recoated after RE•NEW™ in order to restore the original tool performance.


For optimal performance in non-ferrous materials we also offer CVD diamond coating. Our CVD diamond coating consists of nano-sized crystals which form surfaces with extremely low friction coefficient and close to the hardness of natural diamond.

See data sheet on the various types of coating

See data sheet on the C7 PLUS™ nano-composite coating



Coating boosts tool performance and prolongs tool life.