CFRP carbon fibre

Customized for your application

During more than a decade of working in composites, we have accumulated a vast experience of designing tools to suit your specific CFC product. 

Universal standard products can get your job done – Kyocera Unimerco customized tools will help you achieve increased product quality at reduced overall cost.


  • Minimized delamination and uncut fibres
  • State-of-the-art geometries for reduced chatter  
  • Enhanced edge trimming and milling of CFC parts
  • Minimal process costs
  • Reduced tool cost by using application-specific geometries
  • Optimum tool choice for 5-axis applications
  • Longer tool life with aerospace-grade nano-crystalline diamond coating


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Milling & trimming. Lightweight materials

Drilling & hole making. Lightweight materials


For fibre-reinforced composites


Drilling with PCD tools

Drilling with HSS and solid carbide tools

UM PCD vein end mill