CA025P - Ultra-Durable coating materials maximizes steel cutting performance

New CA025P CVD coating technology and base material with excellent durability ensures long-term cutting performance for automotive and industrial machining.


Kyocera has developed a new ultra-durable coating technology and base material for indexable industrial cutting tool inserts to improve steel machining.


Steel is often used in numerous industries including automotive and industrial machining. There is a growing demand for long-lasting inserts with excellent resistance against wear, fracturing and chipping capable of stable machining performance over a wide range of cutting conditions. Kyocera’s new industrial cutting tool series features multilayer CVD coatings with a layer using a thick film of aluminum oxide (Al2O3) for excellent heat resistance. Utilizing cemented carbide as a base material ensures excellent fracture resistance, long-term performance, and longer tool life.


These new cutting tools can accommodate a wide range of machining applications from roughing to finishing by using a variety of chipbreakers. Kyocera aims to support customers by reducing the frequency of insert replacements and improving production yield.


Carbide inserts with new coating material CA025P



Main Features


1. New CVD coating with enhanced chipping and wear resistance

The thick film aluminum oxide (Al2O3) with excellent heat resistance is applied to the new base material as one of its coating layers. This material ensures longer tool life by reducing the amount of wear. During the cutting process, the unique surface structure of the coating resists welding and chipping of the insert.


Wear resistance comparison (internal evaluation)




Surface condition after cutting



2. New base material ensures excellent fracture resistance

The optimized composition of the cemented carbide base material is resistant to high temperatures. This helps prevent fracturing of the insert.


3. A wide range of applications with four chipbreaker styles

The new CVD inserts can accommodate a wide range of steel machining applications from roughing to finishing with the availability of four different chipbreaker styles (PG, GS, PQ, and PP).



Chipbreaker Application Overview
PG Medium to roughing
(recommended for interrupted machining)
Excellent chip control and a tough cutting edge provides stable machining
GS Medium to roughing
(Recommended for continuous machining)
Low resistance with complex land
PQ Finishing to medium Prevents chip clogging and lowers cutting resistance during high feed machining
PP Finishing Prevents chip clogging and chip recutting at higher feed rates and small depths of cut