TF chipbreaker

Threading inserts for cast iron, aluminium, brass etc., but also for steel. Complete range for various thread standards, with full or partial profile. Consistently micro-honed cutting edge enables sharpness and high-quality thread shape. 


TF chipbreaker


  • High quality
  • Long tool life
  • Solid cutting edge



  • PR1115 for steel and stainless steel
  • Full-profile inserts, creating a full thread
  • Partial-profile inserts for various thread pitches
  • TiAlN coating for fast machining and good wear resistance
  • Micro grain SC quality
  • GW15 for cast iron, aluminium and brass



  • Internal and external threading
  • M: Metric
  • G(PF): Parallel pipe
  • R, Rc(PT), (BSPT)
  • W: Whitworth
  • UN thread


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