Hybrid cermet for steel machining

The new hybrid cermet grades are ideal for a wide variety of metal-cutting applications ranging from high-speed to low-speed machining.

Kyocera has drawn on its many years of cermet technology development to create these new materials, which offer improved abrasion resistance, better fracture resistance and better surface finish quality than conventional steel-cutting tools.


Three attributes of the hybrid technology contributes to superior surface finish and machining stability.


  1. Excellent surface finish: Combining the conventional cermet bonded phase (nickel, cobalt) and the special high melting point metallic bonded phase. Provides high adhesion resistance to eliminate galling of the work piece.
  2. Excellent fracture resistance: Improved strength with uniform micro grain hard phase and superior compressive stress with high melting point bonded phase. This combination yields greater fracture resistance.
  3. Excellent wear resistance: Excellent fracture resistance with surface-hardened layer using gradient composition technology. Continuously-varied hardness provides wear and fracture resistance.


Uncoated cermet for high speed / continuous machining and general use.


  • TN610: Higher wear resistance during continuous and finish machining. High quality / High precision machining
  • TN620: General use for quality surface finishes with balanced wear and fracture resistance


TN610 insertTN610 insert



Grades PV710 / PV720 improve performance by composite lamination of MEGACOAT NANO and special TiN coating to combine high adhesion resistance and great visibility of the used cutting edge even in dim light.


  • PV710: Long tool life during high speed and continuous machining
  • PV720: High efficiency machining and superior surface finish


PV710 insert

PV710 insert