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The AMB innovations from KYOCERA: the world premiere of a new milling cutter for aluminium machining, a new series of tool holders with a coolant supply, new chip breakers for the manufacture of small processed parts, plus new polygonal tool holders and new tools for steel machining.
New CA025P CVD coating technology and base material with excellent durability ensures long-term cutting performance for automotive and industrial machining.
Special chisel cutting edge design improves hole accuracy and tool life.
The new hybrid cermet grades are ideal for a wide variety of metal-cutting applications ranging from high-speed to low-speed machining.
Pilot point geometry and double margin improved hole accuracy available for the DRA MagicDrill series.
New design enables 6D deep drilling with excellent chip control Ideal for automobile, aviation and medical device industries.
The Japanese advanced ceramics specialist Kyocera will introduce a variety of new cutting tool solutions at this year´s EMO trade fair in Hannover, Germany.
Kyocera Unimerco introduces the DRA MagicDrill – a new generation of drills with replaceable tip.
New products, including CA3 Series indexable cutting tool inserts for cast iron machining, will contribute to further advancing global manufacturing.
New CA3 Series and K Series chipbreakers maximize performance from rough cutting to finishing.
Kyocera’s new KGDI tool for internal grooving features newly developed and optimised chip evacuation, explains Simon Sondrup, sales manager with Kyocera Unimerco.
Kyocera’s new range of inserts, PDL025, features an extremely hard coating. The newly developed coating is named DLC, an abbreviation for ‘Diamond-Like Carbon’.
Kyocera exhibited its latest innovations in the cutting tools sector at EMO Milan 2015
Kyocera launches new industrial cutting tool: MFH mini is a small-diameter, high-feed endmill. Achieves high efficiency and high feed rate with multi-edge design
Custom production of indexable inserts and special toolholders is available with short lead times.
Kyocera MFK milling tools reduce costs, improve quality in machining workpieces of complex-shaped cast iron