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Unique coating technology provides long tool life,high precision and stable machining.
It has been 30 years since Kyocera opened its first cutting tool office in Europe.
Combination of new coating technology and high content CBN provides exceptional wear resistance and fracture resistance. New coating "MEGACOAT TOUGH" suppresses layer peeling.
╰┈➤ This is our first tool management webinar that includes a live demonstration of the machine.
High quality service for MagicDrill DRA, GM type insert – anything else is just a regrind
Following KYOCERA Corporation’s commitment to carbon neutrality, the motto at the AMB, taking place in Stuttgart from the 13th - 17th of September, is to work on optimising technical possibilities, to increase productivity and simultaneously create added value through joint efforts. Among other things, some of the many exhibition topics, therefore, deal with sustainability and skill shortage. Particularly, the much cited latter topic requires savings and adequate solutions.
From March 15th-17th, Kyocera will introduce innovative cutting tool solutions in Munich, Germany.
New K-Series solid tool for hardened material supporting up to 70 HRC is now available!
Reliable processing of steel beam
High precision grooving tools for small parts machining
Kyocera´s MEAS is a high reliability milling tool at high-speed machining of aluminum.
New type of toolholder available for the KGD series
Following a successful appearance in 2019, and a long time without any physical show, Kyocera will exhibit their products and solutions again this year at EMO 2021, the world’s leading trade fair for metalworking. They will bring along a variety of new cutting tools for industrial machining and manufacturing to Milano, including the top innovations MFH boost for high feed milling with a maximum depth of cut (ap) of 2.5 mm, new PCD tools for the electric vehicle market and aerospace solutions by Kyocera SGS solid tools.
Kyocera presents the latest products and lineup expansions
New DRA insert for high precision steel machining
Excellent surface finish and long tool life with PR17 series and SK/SKS chipbreaker.
Innovative finishing technology with increased efficiency.
Unique design for superior performance in cut-off operations.
Low cutting force 90° milling cutter with double-sided 6-edge inserts. Excellent performance and durability in a smaller, economical size.
We are happy to announce Kyocera's most versatile high feed MFH line just got bigger!
Kyocera expands the MECH product line to provide more stable performance and longer tool life.
New tangential milling cutters, multifunctional MEV and heavy milling cutter MFLN.
High reliability at high speed machining of aluminum.
High-precision small internal grooving tool series. Newly developed clamping system ensures a firm insert hold to provide high-precision machining. Excellent chip evacuation with double coolant holes. Minimum cutting diameter ø8 mm.
From September 16th-21st, the ceramics specialist will introduce innovative cutting tool solutions and demonstrate them live in Hannover, Germany.
Newly designed chipbreaker targets to minimize trouble in Aluminum alloy turning can help to obtain high quality finishing process. Available in single sided inserts.
Newly developed PVD coating MEGACOAT NANO PLUS. Great for machining steel and other materials. Wide range of machining applications with various chipbreakers available.
Excellent chip control and long tool life with high pressure coolant. Large holder lineup for turning, external grooving, cut-off and threading. Easy connection with high pressure hose and joint. Internal coolant provides longer tool life and excellent chip control.
The DRA Magic Drill is a highly efficient drill with an easily replaceable drill bit. And now also available in 12D.
Kyocera has released its new ceramic turning insert grade, made of silicon nitride. It is specially composed for machining cast iron material with high wear resistant properties.
Achieves long tool life with hardness close to that of diamond. Large lineup for turning, cut-off, and milling operations.
DRV lineup expansion offers drilling and chamfering in one operation. Also new inserts for smaller diameters have been added.
The AMB innovations from KYOCERA: the world premiere of a new milling cutter for aluminium machining, a new series of tool holders with a coolant supply, new chip breakers for the manufacture of small processed parts, plus new polygonal tool holders and new tools for steel machining.
New CA025P CVD coating technology and base material with excellent durability ensures long-term cutting performance for automotive and industrial machining.
Special chisel cutting edge design improves hole accuracy and tool life.
The new hybrid cermet grades are ideal for a wide variety of metal-cutting applications ranging from high-speed to low-speed machining.
Pilot point geometry and double margin improved hole accuracy available for the DRA MagicDrill series.
New design enables 6D deep drilling with excellent chip control Ideal for automobile, aviation and medical device industries.
The Japanese advanced ceramics specialist Kyocera will introduce a variety of new cutting tool solutions at this year´s EMO trade fair in Hannover, Germany.
New CA3 Series and K Series chipbreakers maximize performance from rough cutting to finishing.
Kyocera’s new KGDI tool for internal grooving features newly developed and optimised chip evacuation, explains Simon Sondrup, sales manager with Kyocera Unimerco.
Kyocera’s new range of inserts, PDL025, features an extremely hard coating. The newly developed coating is named DLC, an abbreviation for ‘Diamond-Like Carbon’.
Kyocera Unimerco introduces the DRA MagicDrill – a new generation of drills with replaceable tip.
Kyocera exhibited its latest innovations in the cutting tools sector at EMO Milan 2015
Kyocera launches new industrial cutting tool: MFH mini is a small-diameter, high-feed endmill. Achieves high efficiency and high feed rate with multi-edge design
Custom production of indexable inserts and special toolholders is available with short lead times.