Shoulder face mills

Newly developed triangle inserts provide numerous solutions. Multi-functional - can be used in shouldering, slotting, and ramping applications.
MEAS has excellent scatter prevention to ensure stable, high speed aluminum machining. 3-axis machining with large ramping angle for a wide range of machining applications.
MEW/MEW is a highly efficient 90-degree shoulder face mill with negative inserts, but with positive cutting angles.
The MEC series features positive and very light-cutting 90 degree shoulder face mills, which produce high squareness. The series also includes mills with high cutting speed and several types of mills with chipbreakers.
MFWN is a series of 90 degree milling cutters with high efficiency, primarily for large dimensions. MFWN has double-sided 6-edge inserts for low overall costs.
A 90 degree milling cutter for extreme rough milling – maximum depth of cut is a full 15 mm.

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