MRX – face milling cutter with round inserts

Face and profile mill with positive round inserts. Solid construction and robust mounting of the insert. Wide range of application from steel to hard alloys.



  • Economical and highly effective
  • Robust edges for stable machining
  • Unique helical cutting edge design, reducing vibration and increasing tool life
  • Wide application area from steel to hardened alloys



  • Diameter range of 16-63 mm for shank-type cutter and 40-125 mm for arbor-mounted cutter
  • 6 cutting edges per insert
  • Low cutting force due to high axial rake angle and helical cutting edge design
  • Flat lock structure to hold insert firmly
  • New qualities for ISO-M and ISO-S material (PR1535 and CA6535)



  • Face milling
  • Slot milling
  • Profiling
  • Ramping


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