Face and profile mill with double-sided, round inserts. The helical cutting edge design with maximum axial rake angle reduces cutting force. Wide application area from steel to tough, hardened alloys.



  • Economical and highly effective
  • Robust edges for stable machining
  • Unique helical cutting edge design, reducing vibration and increasing tool life
  • Wide application range from steel to tough, hardened alloys



  • Diameter range of 32 - 63 mm for shank-type cutter and 50 - 125 mm for arbor-mounted cutter
  • 8 cutting edges per insert
  • Low cutting force due to high axial rake angle and helical cutting edge design
  • Flat lock structure to hold insert firmly
  • 3 chipbreakers and 4 grades
  • New insert grades for ISO-M and ISO-S material (PR1535 and CA6535)



  • Face milling
  • Profiling


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