MFSE45: For high-quality surface

Innovative technology with increased efficiency by offering roughing and finishing in one pass with excellent surface finish.



  • Delivers high-quality surfaces by roughing and finishing simultaneously
  • Excellent chip control. Eliminates chip entanglement in jigs, etc. and improves work efficiency
  • Maintains long tool life with high-precision inserts



  • Roughing condition (fz = 0.25 mm/t) provides excellent surface finish (0.8 μm Ra or less) *
  • Newly developed chipbreakers for steel, stainless steel, and aluminum
  • Molded wiper insert also available
  • Adjustable cutting edge height for improved usability like MFF cutter
  • Large axial rake angle of + 22 °
  • Standard type and with wiper insert available
  • Available diameter: 63 – 250 mm



  • Face milling