MFK – for face milling in cast iron

Kyocera’s MFK face mill gives you high process reliability and higher quality of detail. The mill series has a newly developed CVD coating and a unique cutting geometry, which brings your cast iron machining to new levels of perfection and efficiency.



  • Dual-angle edge design makes the insert more robust and increases quality of detail
  • Newly developed CVD coating for longer tool life and more stable machining
  • Dual-angle edge design with 10 cutting edges means cost savings
  • New: CVD quality CA420M for longer tool life
  • New: Ceramic inserts, KS6050/CS7050, for high cutting speed and cost-effective machining of cast iron



  • Diameter range: 80-315 mm. Insert size: 11 mm
  • 10 cutting edges per insert
  • Wiper edges
  • 4 different chipbreakers and 3 different carbide qualities
  • Available with fine pitch (8-28 inserts) and extra fine pitch (10-44 inserts)
  • Low cutting force with high axial rake



  • Face milling


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