Face milling

mb45 picture
Delivers the “low cutting force” benefits of positive inserts and the “fracture resistance” benefits of negative inserts and provides excellent surface finish.
MFSE 45 milling cutter
High precision and efficient 45° milling cutter with A.R. 22°. Roughing and finishing in one pass with excellent surface finish.
Innovative finishing technology with increased efficiency. Designed with a unique insert combination of semi-finishing and finishing.
Inserts for large depths of cut and high feed rates. Tough and reliable 4-edge tangencial inserts for stable heavy milling.
Highly efficient milling cutter with a 88° cutting edge angle
MFAH face mill
High efficiency milling cutter for finishing aluminum.
Highly efficient face milling cutter with a 66° cutting edge angle.
The MFPN series features a highly effective 45 degree face mill with very strong pentagonal inserts with positive cutting angles. The result is effective machining.
Face and profile mill with double-sided, round inserts. The helical cutting edge design with maximum axial rake angle reduces cutting force. Wide application area from steel to tough, hardened alloys.
Face and profile mill with positive round inserts. Solid construction and robust mounting of the insert. Wide range of application from steel to hard alloys.
The MSE45 series features a highly effective 45 degree face mill, available with standard or fine pitch. Solid construction and robust mounting of the insert. Low cutting force due to axial rake angle of +20 degrees.
For heavy roughing, first and foremost face milling, due to the 75 degree adjustment angle. Maximum chip volume due to robust design and chipbreakers.
Kyocera’s MFK face mill gives you high process reliability and higher quality of detail. The mill series has a newly developed CVD coating and a unique cutting geometry, which brings your cast iron machining to new levels of perfection and efficiency.

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