Indexable milling cutters

With Kyocera’s wide range of indexable milling cutters, you get the optimum solution for your cutting process.

The range consists of shoulder face mills, face mills, profile cutters, side milling cutters and more.

See a selection here:

Shoulder face mills
With Kyocera’s wide range of shoulder mills, you get the best possible solution for your milling process.
Face milling
Robust and efficient face milling cutters based on the latest technology give you stable machining processes, high productivity and lowest total cost.
New series of HI FEED cutters offers new opportunities due to its wide field of application.
Profile cutters
Universal, light-cutting and effective profile cutters for various tasks.
Side milling cutters
Kyocera offers light-cutting, flexible and stable side milling cutters with a track width from 1.6 mm up to 23.3 mm.