Aluminum drill - High performance solid carbide drill for aluminium

The aluminum drill is the recommended solution for efficient process and high-quality finishing. This drill is up to 150% faster than best competitors and is designed for demanding and challenging applications in aluminium alloys. It comes in standard series and special designed drills for processing robustness with very high penetration rates. The higher penetration rates and extended service life results in lower production costs.



  • 3 cutting edges, easy cutting geometries and polished flutes
  • Robustness and very high penetration rates
  • Standard and special geometries available
  • Diameters: Ø3,3 – 32 mm
  • Internal coolant and special 150° point angle
  • Up to 700.000 holes
  • Up to 5 times Re•New


  • Through holes
  • Bottom holes
  • Precast holes
  • Cross holes