DRV MagicDrill

Economical inserts with 4 cutting edges and excellent chip evacuation. 



  • Excellent drilling precision with less variation in cutting diameter
  • Unique insert design to control chip flow
  • CVD insert on the outer edge for highly efficient machining
  • 4 types of chipbreakers for various applications





  • Optimal web thickness and low cutting force design reduces chattering
  • Smooth chip evacuation with compact chips
  • Excellent chip evacuation with 6D maximum deep-hole drilling
  • High speed and highly efficient machining available with the combination of CVD (outer edge) and PVD (inner edge) inserts
  • General purpose: GM chipbreaker
  • Tough edge: GH chipbreaker
  • For stainless steel machining: SM chipbreaker
  • For machining low carbon steel: XM chipbreaker















  • Core hole for threads
  • Pre-drilling
  • Through holes
  • Mounting holes
  • … and much more