Research & development

Knowledge sharing in Kyocera Unimerco cuts across companies, national borders and industries. The accumulated experience means that the company’s specialists have extensive skills.


These skills can result in untraditional solutions, where ideas and methods from one industry are transferred to and used in another industry.


We often cooperate with universities about actual research projects with an industrial scope.


Kyocera Unimerco's development department works closely with the Kyocera Corporation's R&D department. The cooperation means that technology and know-how are interchanged, for the benefit of the customers.


Over the last few years, the innovative development environment in Kyocera Unimerco has resulted in many new products, which have optimized the production processes of our customers by up to several hundred percent.


Kyocera Unimerco TestCenter

A central part of the activities within research and development is the Kyocera Unimerco TestCenter, where new technologies for cutting tools and chip removal are tested and refined.


The TestCenter is primarily used for Kyocera Unimerco’s development projects, but it is also increasingly used for specific test cycles for a number of industrial customers who want to test new technologies or materials under optimum test conditions.


As a customer of the Kyocera Unimerco TestCenter you get access to the latest know-how about production optimization, and you can do optimisation tests or simulate new production and machining methods without interrupting your production.


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