Kyocera received the "Environmental Award"

Kyocera received the "Environmental Award" from the Japan Machine Tool Manufacturers Association

KYOCERA Corporation has received, for the second consecutive year, the Grand Prize for Environment from the Japanese Association of Cutting Tools and Anti-Wear Tools.

The Environment Award is evaluated, selected and awarded through preventive activities against global warming and environmental contamination. The Environment Grand Prize is awarded to the company that presented the most excellence in the evaluations.

KYOCERA's activities considering the environment were recognized and awarded for the second consecutive year with 120.7 points (1st place) out of 140 points maximum. Activities in pursuit of CO2 reduction continue throughout KYOCERA's machining value chain, from development, purchasing, production, logistics, sales, machining, resource collection, reuse and even disposal.



Commentary by the Japanese Cutting Tools and Anti-Wear Tools Association

120.7 points out of 140 points high, score index of 86.2%, was an extremely good assessment among other companies struggling to score in the face of global economic stagnation due to the spread of the new coronavirus. We recognize its high driving capacity for improvement through its high organizational level based on the environmental management system, acting proactively on environmental issues, such as preventing global warming, reducing waste items, among others.

These activities to the environment become an example for other companies and we decided as the most suitable for the 2021 Environment Grand Prix.